Mens Party Wear Blazer With Jeans

The blazer renaissance has made it easier than ever to elevate jeans with more formal attire. Look for unstructured blazers without shoulder pads that are lighter weight and less formal than suit jackets. Pair with a dress shirt and textured pocket square for a classic and stylish summer look.

For a failsafe look, opt for brown tweed and blue jeans pairing, which will work in many settings, including upscale restaurants and cocktail bars. Finish off the look with a complementary grey roll neck for an elegant monochrome ensemble.

Mid-Rise Jeans

While it may seem counterintuitive, wearing a blazer with jeans can be the perfect way to elevate your look for a formal occasion. The key is to ensure that the outfit is well tailored and that your denim fits you properly. A poorly fitting pair can create a stark contrast between your pants and jacket, leaving you looking sloppy and unfinished. The right jeans can also be flattering to your body shape. For example, a pair of slim fit dark wash jeans can work well with a tweed blazer or gun check patterned wool blazer, creating a classic country-wear inspired outfit that looks modern and effortlessly stylish.

The same goes for your shoes – opting for suede loafers or oxford dress shoes will create a smart casual look that pairs well with your blazer / jeans combo. A pair of striped sneakers will also work, though be sure to choose ones that have larger spaced patterns so that they don’t clash with your tie or striped blazer.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that a blazer and jeans can be paired with a variety of different tops. Smart casual mid layers like polo shirts or fine-gauge sweaters work well, as do silky camisoles and roll necks. The best option is probably to go for a neutral color that works well with your jeans and blazer, such as white or grey.

The Right Blazer

Blazers for men come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to select the right one for your body shape and personal style. The fit is the key to this look, so avoid oversized or fitted blazers as they can be too formal for this casual pairing. Instead, opt for a long blazer like this buttery-soft, 4-way stretch signature ponte fabric from Spanx. This piece is designed to be sleek yet slimming so it’s ideal for a wide range of different styles and body types.

The colour of the blazer is also a crucial factor as it needs to complement the shirt, t-shirt or knitwear colours you choose to wear underneath. For example, a navy blue blazer will go well with dark wash jeans while lighter washes of denim work well with light-coloured blazers. The other option is a neutral coloured blazer which will work well with any type of jeans. This is a great option for those who want to look effortlessly stylish for any occasion.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a blazer is that it should have some texture to it to mirror the textural weaves of denim. This means that fabrics such as tweed, corduroy and herringbone wool can all work well with jeans, while a flatter, regular wool can also be worn if it’s tailored in a more casual manner.

The Right Shirt

The color and shade of your jeans can impact the look of your blazer. Dark washes tend to look dressier, while lighter washes can create a casual or modern style. A classic navy blazer can be worn with both dark and light denim, and it pairs well with other classic colors like black or burgundy. Light brown blazers that are closer to khaki can also be used with dark or light jeans, and they pair well with earthy shades like olive green.

If you’re going for a more formal look, try pairing a grey or tweed blazer with darker denim. This outfit will help you look more polished at a business event or dinner with friends. Pair your blazer with a button-down shirt that is tucked in, and you can complete the look with oxford shoes or brogues.

You can also wear a light blue blazer with a white shirt and pale-wash jeans for an effortlessly cool summer style that’s perfect for a casual Friday or weekend dinner party. The striped shirt adds some pattern to the look and helps you stand out in a crowd. Wear a plain ball cap with the look to keep the sun off your face.

If you’re wearing a blazer with jeans to a wedding, make sure you stick with dress shoes. Sneakers will only highlight your informal outfit and could make you look out of place at the wedding.

The Right Shoes

Choosing the right shoes to wear with your jeans and blazer will add to the overall look of your outfit. For instance, a pair of brown leather shoes would complement a blue blazer and light-wash denim. Brown leather boots are also a great choice for this style of dressy casual attire.

You can even try pairing a green blazer with grey jeans for a cool and funky look. Similarly, a dark-green blazer can be worn with black jeans to create a monochrome style that’s easy to pull off. You can also choose a tweed or gun check pattern blazer in a classic shade such as bottle green, olive green, or leaf green for a quirky and elegant style that’s ideal for a house party or a wedding.

The fit of your jeans is just as important as the color of your blazer. Avoid skinny jeans and opt for a slightly flared cut instead. This will make your legs appear longer and leaner, creating a more flattering silhouette. You can choose from a variety of washes and styles of denim, from selvage and raw to classic dark wash.

However, it’s best to stick with darker washes for dressier blazer and jeans combinations. This is especially true if you’re wearing your blazer to a restaurant or cocktail bar. Light-wash jeans may work well for a casual date night, but they can also give the impression that you’re trying too hard to look dressed up.

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