Benefits of Mobile App Redesign for Your Business

With the help of your mobile app your brand might remain high up in customers minds all the time – through push notifications, coupons and whatever else you can come up with.

Mobile apps operate like a permanent brand ambassador who is always on standby and ready to serve your customer. This is why mobile promotes customer loyalty, and also increases the flow of revenues.

Increased Customer Engagement

It will appear that the consumers downloaded your business app by their own will to be your partner in your company. This will enhance your brand loyalty, improve your relationship with customers and give your business an option with great impact to be in a leading-edge in today’s fast-changing technology industry.

Given the fact that users spend seven times more time on apps than websites, mobile app user engagement is crucial in building a strong brand and securing long-term customer loyalty. Apart from making communication better, apps can also increase users’ satisfaction by allowing them to access content or products or services any time they want.

They can deploy social media marketing, pay and app store optimisation (ASO) to attract app interaction, collect first-party data, segment relevant users and their behaviour, make tailored recommendations and re-purchases, thus boosting a company’s ROI by more customers, on lower per-conversion costs and with a higher average order value.

Increased Sales

Your business’s sales can grow with a mobile app designed well, it will allow you to get in contact and communicate in a direct way with those persons who use your product, creating a better and more transparent relationship with them and turning it into a strong brand loyalty.You will manage a regular and effective communication with the consumers that will download the update frequently, letting them know news about the product and creating another source of visibility and anticipation.

Apps can help reduce costs for businesses – by cutting expenditure on marketing in the long run, and by streamlining information. Plus, ads for in-app purchases, once a hard-earned revenue stream, can be monetised.

Studies down prove that apps are more efficient than the website by providing quick way and direct access to your products and services. One shining example is Starbucks. Their customers now can pay via mobile app which they installed and opened instead of having to stand in a line with a cashier. This appeal to their everyday life, convenience and the speed is a game changer. People might buy more when they are in a hurry, resulting higher customer satisfaction; and eventually can convert to sales or repeat purchase.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

You are most likely using mobile apps to pay your bills, shop or access your bank account. And people prefer convenience: by making your business mobile friendly, you can increase the value for your customers and their satisfaction.

By creating your own mobile app, you can receive feedback from your customers in real time, as well as answer their questions or requests more effectively compared to waiting for a call or an email. Through your in-app messaging feature, your mobile app can also notify you with updates like changes in services or goods, new product launches or special discounts, and other memorandum.

Giving customers a better customer experience keeps more of them happy and coming back, and encourages them to tell their friends and colleagues about your business and services. This means more money and return on investment for you.

Increased Brand Awareness

The more the people that are able to use the app optimally, and to have that optimality resonate with them, the better positioned you are as a company, and the better impression you are going to make on your audience in the future. A design that lets your customers access the most useful services that your company has to offer at the most opportune times, in a fashion consistent with your business model, is good design. It is good UX. Every moment your app is in the hands of your users is an ad for your company – a paid, fully staffed, always-on, 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week brand ambassador.

Apps boost customer intimacy by creating a brand portal where the app provides users with a seamless, personalised experience with targeted push notifications and other aspects that are customised to your business. Apps provide real-time analytics within an app itself and provide managers with insights into what works and doesn’t, to help with strategic planning to grow.

After all, an app will help to promote other channels such as your website, social media pages or newsletter to help build brand awareness. An app — unlike fridge magnets, calendars, keyrings or other branded goods of years gone by — is with your brand ambassador virtually in your customer’s pocket. This helps to build brand awareness, a stronger relationship with clients and potentially a competitive edge.

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