Business Administration in Marketing Jobs

A bachelor’s degree in business administration can open up career options in various industries. However, there is a big difference between an MBA and a marketing degree.

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Sales Manager

The role of a Sales Manager oversees the entire sales teams within a business. They may manage inside sales managers (who handle reps that work in an office), field sales managers (who manage salespeople who travel to meet with clients) and product sales managers (who monitor performance of a specific line of products).

A Sales Manager will also need to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry they are working in, in order to stay ahead of the competition. They will need to be able to identify new trends, develop and implement sales strategies and create new revenue streams for their companies.

While the difference between a business administration degree and a marketing degree can be confusing, it is vital for those interested in pursuing a career in the business field to understand what each option entails. The business administration degree offers a more diverse range of career options, while the marketing degree focuses on one particular area. If you have any questions about which degree is best suited for your career goals, contact Husson University today. Our bachelor’s degree in business management with a marketing concentration will give you the tools you need to succeed in today’s global and competitive marketplace. We can help you find the right path for your educational future. Request more information to learn more.

Advertising and Promotions Manager

People with business administration degrees with an emphasis in advertising or a bachelor’s degree in journalism often find job opportunities in this career area. These managers plan or direct advertising policies or programs, and produce collateral materials such as posters, contests and coupons to create interest in products or services for a department, for an entire organization or on a project basis (referred to as an account). They also coordinate the activities of departments involved in producing advertisements, including graphic arts, sales, media and finance. They may conduct customer surveys or contact organizations on behalf of the firm that hired them to provide marketing services. They frequently liaise with outside advertising agencies to develop and place ads. This requires strong interpersonal skills. Some managers advance to executive-level positions in large firms and others start their own businesses.

Marketing Administrator

The role of a Marketing Administrator is responsible for the overall management of a company’s marketing department. They work closely with the Marketing Manager to develop and implement marketing plans and campaigns, track results, and manage budgets. In addition, they are responsible for administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings and preparing reports.

They also identify opportunities to increase a company’s product or service awareness in the marketplace, and assist with digital marketing and social media campaigns. They communicate with staff, vendors and customers on a daily basis, either in person or via email or phone. Marketing Administrators must be able to respond quickly and efficiently.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration provides a broad overview of business topics, making it possible for graduates to pursue a number of different careers in a wide range of industries. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, on the other hand, is concentrated on one specific field and may lead to a narrower set of career options.

Despite their differences, both degrees offer a path to success for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the business industry. If you’re thinking about which degree to pursue, contact an adviser at SNHU to learn more about the specific courses required for each degree program. For more information about SNHU’s bachelor’s in business administration, click here.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst uses spreadsheets to help a company make better decisions about money, products and services. The duties of a financial analyst vary depending on the role, but most involve meeting with senior management and conducting research into competitors, markets, customers, sales data, and trends. In addition to the analytical skills needed, a financial analyst must also be able to communicate effectively and make recommendations that can improve the bottom line.

Whether you’re interested in marketing, business administration or a combination of both, a bachelor’s degree in either field can put you on the right path to success. A business administration degree provides students with a broad overview of the different topics necessary for successful business leadership, while a marketing degree can focus on the specific skills and strategies used in the industry.

A degree in business administration can prepare you for a wide range of careers across many industries, including finance, sales, human resources and operations. SNHU’s online Bachelor of Business Administration program helps graduates build professional skills, including critical thinking, project management and leadership. Plus, students can customize their education by choosing a concentration that matches with their career goals. Learn more about this popular degree option today!

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