When You Need to Replace Your Bike Tyres

A good set of bike tyres will give you peace of mind when you ride and keep you safe on the road. They should also resist punctures and be resistant to uneven terrain.

How long your bike tyres will last depends on how often you ride and the conditions they’re exposed to. Usually, you’ll get at least 3,000 miles from a decent pair of tyres.

Tread wear

If your tyres look like they’ve lost their tread or you can see the casing showing through, it’s time to replace them. This will help keep you safe and avoid any punctures or sidewall damage.

The tread in your bike tyres is designed to work with your vehicle to distribute the load, acceleration, braking and cornering forces. However, as the rubber in your tires ages they can wear out more quickly and unevenly than they’re supposed to.

Treadwear isn’t the only way to know when your tyres are worn out, but it’s a good indicator. One of the most common indicators is a flat spot in the middle of the tread.

This is a sign that your road tyres have been in use for a while and are starting to show signs of wear. When it happens the centre of the tread will begin to flatten and the tyre will be less responsive in the corners. This can result in higher levels of punctures and decreased bike performance.

Puncture damage

When you need to replace your bike tyres, it is important to inspect them for puncture damage. This can be a result of a thorn, shard of glass or anything else that causes a hole to poke through the tyre and into the tube.

When a puncture occurs, it can be very frustrating for a rider. It can also lead to a lot of time out of the saddle if a flat is not mended or replaced right away.

The best way to prevent punctures is to have tyres that are the correct size for your wheel and pumped up with the correct air pressure. Too much pressure can blow the tyre off the rim and too little can cause pinch punctures, which can damage the tyre wall or rim.

If you are not confident enough to remove a punctured tyre, it is better to mend the inner tube before replacing it. This is easier and quicker to do out on the bike, but if you don’t have the time or want to save yourself some money you can just use a pre-mended tube.

Squared off tyres

When you need to replace your bike tyres, there are many options available. From the very basic 50/50 tyres which are okay on both tarmac and gravel to the more specialised Touring or Sports tyres which are designed to offer grip, a good warm-up time and a decent mileage.

There are also a whole host of sub-categories in between including Adventure tyres and even 125cc bike tyres. The choices are seemingly endless and the main concern is to make sure you choose a tyre that offers the right combination of functionality and aesthetics for your ride.

A tyre’s original profile is often the biggest influencing factor in its ability to square off. Some tyres start off with a flatter profile and these are the least likely to square off as they get older, but others can be very pointy and this can cause them to squaring off more as they wear down.

Knobbles on the tread

Unlike car tyres, which are built for longevity, bike tyres are often subjected to the rigours of a rough and tumble ride. That’s why it’s important to take a close look at your tyres occasionally.

One of the first things you should check is the sidewalls of your tyres for signs of wear and tear. If you see a few scratches on the surface, it’s time for an overhaul.

When it comes to tyre replacement, the best bet is to buy a new set of bike tyres. There are plenty of options on the market to suit all budgets. You can choose from a range of sizes, from small dynamo block off-road tyres to big boy road bike tyres with good grip and low rolling resistance. A well suited tyre will make your ride both safer and more enjoyable. The best bet is to pick a tyre that matches your riding style, as this will ensure optimum comfort and performance.

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