Excellent Reasons to Consider Fiber Internet for Businesses

The internet connection you select for your business will have a direct on your staff’s productivity, satisfaction and even the overall growth of the enterprise. It is because productivity and growth are mutually linked due to which you need to make well-informed decisions. Most business owners do not spend a lot of time analyzing the options and this can lead to problems down the road. These days, the decision is usually between cable or fiber internet for businesses.

The former may have existed for a long time, but the latter offer a more reliable, faster and efficient internet connection. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from fiber connectivity, particularly those that use cloud platforms and VoIP services. Some excellent reasons to consider fiber internet for businesses are:

  • Cloud access

One of the most vital tools for businesses these days is cloud, which is being used for data storage, hosting apps and lots more. Almost 85% businesses are using cloud services, which require high speed and bandwidth and this is precisely what fiber internet can offer. You will experience less delays because a fiber connection offers higher speeds and a stronger, more consistent connection.

  • Speed

Cable internet connections use copper wires that promise high speeds, but fiber optic cables are 20 times faster. This means that you will not have to worry about a slow internet connection even if there is higher consumption i.e. more devices are using it. This is another way of how fiber internet for businesses can boost productivity because it means that employees are able to work without any interruptions and lags in their internet connection.

  • Signal power

A common complaint with conventional broadband internet is that you get a weak signal when you move away from the device’s range. The good thing about fiber internet for businesses is that there is no degradation in the signal, regardless of distance. Thus, businesses that are spread out over a large scale will undoubtedly enjoy benefits of better signal strength.

  • Bandwidth

Businesses engaged in data transmission will find fiber optics to be a lifesaver because it can help in performing a number of business activities. These include accessing cloud apps, file sharing, web conferencing, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking and video streaming.

  • Security

Companies that use cable internet have to contend with the risk of hackers accessing their information, but this is not a possibility with fiber internet for businesses. Therefore, it is one of the best ways for businesses to keep their operations safe from cyber crime.

  • Equal download and upload speeds

Another reason to opt for fiber internet is that it offers equivalent download and upload speeds, referred to as ‘symmetric speed’. This makes it easier for employees to upload and download similar files. In cable connections, there is a difference in upload and download speeds, so doing the former may take a lot longer than the latter.

These reasons make it evident that fiber internet for businesses can be a great move in terms of enhancing productivity and ensuring growth.

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