The Emerging Tech Learning Network

A new streaming media network is emerging to help people improve their skills and achieve their career goals. Founded by Mark Lassoff, Tech Learning Network is producing broadcast-quality learning content to help people master digital skills. Mark Lassoff is also an in-demand speaker and has taught all over the world. He has been named to the 40 under 40 in Austin and the Connecticut forty under forty in 2017.

The New Tech Learning Network is a consortium of 200 schools across 25 states and two countries. The network focuses on systemic change and implementation of deep learning practices in schools with diverse student populations. One study looked at the network’s implementation, which includes equity and cultural factors. The representatives discussed the importance of a diverse representation of schools in the learning network and shared their experiences with deep learning. In addition, they discussed the benefits and challenges of deep learning and equity, a vital issue when considering systemic change.

The eXtension Ed Tech Learning Network is a new educational technology resource. As a collaborative support network of educators and industry professionals, the network’s mission is to maximize the use of technology in Extension programming. The network is dedicated to leveraging the power of collaboration, sharing, and integrated support. Through the network, Extension professionals can share ideas, find best practices, and share experiences and innovations. It will foster innovative programming in Extension by connecting professionals and providing learning opportunities.

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