Why Whatsapp Popular

WhatsApp is an instant messaging and voice calling app that has become the most popular mobile app in the world. It is used by over 2 billion people globally, with over 400 million people in India using the app. The messaging component of WhatsApp is free, and users can make audio and video calls as often as they want for no extra cost. The app is also very easy to use, with more than a billion people using it on a daily basis.

The messaging service features include video calling and audio calls, making it an ideal choice for international communications. Unlike conventional mobile service providers, WhatsApp allows users to share images and videos as well as voice messages. Users can also share audio and video files and location information. They can also make free calls to any country in the world using their data plan and stable internet connection. The messaging app is available on both Android and iPhone, and is compatible with both devices.

Its low cost of use also contributed to its rapid growth in many regions. When SMS was first becoming popular, phone providers would charge customers per text message, with a limit on how many you could send. Moreover, WhatsApp’s low cost of use made it more attractive than SMS for many users. Nowadays, many mobile providers in the US provide unlimited text messages as standard. This also helped WhatsApp become so popular. There are also numerous businesses that use WhatsApp to stay connected with their customers.

In terms of user base, WhatsApp has become the de facto messaging app for much of the world. Although it is similar to other messaging apps, it lacks the Facebook involvement that makes it so popular. In addition, users can send and receive messages from other WhatsApp users without having to pay for each message. So, if you have international friends, you will likely need to use WhatsApp. But, there is another messaging app that is similar to WhatsApp, Signal.

As of February 2020, WhatsApp has reached two billion monthly active users worldwide. Despite the fact that SMS remains the leader in mobile communications in the U.S., WhatsApp has replaced many outdated forms of communication in other countries. In the UK, more than 80% of mobile internet users use WhatsApp, while just 23% of French users use the app. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, mobile usage trends have returned to normal. However, WhatsApp users still spend an average of 19 hours a month messaging.

The messaging service offers more features than SMS. In the past, text messages were expensive and limited. They could cost as much as $1 a message! Today, users can send unlimited messages using WhatsApp. And because the messaging platform uses end-to-end encryption, you can expect to stay connected and safe. Despite the many features and advantages, WhatsApp is free in some countries. However, this does not apply to the U.S. Besides that, WhatsApp users do not need a data connection to use the service.

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